Friday, September 23, 2011

Camera collection index

The camera collection index is done.

In the top tabs you can find links to several pages:

  • Home - the blog itself
  • Cameras by brand - All the cameras in my collection alphabetically ordered by brand. In this page all the cameras, that have a link, will also display a thumbnail shot.
  • Large and Medium Format - LF and MF cameras in my collection, no thumbnails, only some illustrating examples. 
  • 35mm - ...

You got the picture.

The code colour of the links, is the same in all index pages, as follows:
As I haven't, yet, posted pictures and/or reviews of all of my cameras there are a some of them awaiting for a link, as soon as I post on Flickr or in here I'll update the links.
Also, as the collection is in a constant growth (you can call me crazy, I don't mind) I'll add the new items to the respective lists, as soon as they arrive home.

If you have some comments or suggestions, they'll be welcome.

Stay tuned (o;

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