Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#31 Agfa Isolette III

Agfa Isolette III

I love folding bellows cameras but, I have a soft spot for the Isolettes.

I was craving for a Isolette III, I found and bought this one quite cheap on the *Bay, about 20 Euro, including P&P.

Below you will understand why:

The bellows were completely covered with gaffer tape, due to the holes in it.

I kept on striping it and this was what I found:

It looked like a flood survivor. Inside the top plate, rangefinder, etc. everything was filled with what looked like dried mud.

So I had hard work ahead,  remove the bellows and build a new one:

I have to thank to Roland and Caroline for the comprehensive tutorial.
Even with the tutorial, don't you think it was piece of cake, especially the folding part...

Then I had to clean it thoroughly including the shutter, that was close to frozen.

After that came the reassembly:

Here is the final result:

Isolette III

Isolette III

Isolette III

This model was produced by Agfa, from 1950 to 1960.
The lens is an Apotar 1:4.5/85mm on a eight speed Gauthier, AGC, Prontor-S shutter; 1-1/300 and B, with self-timer and flash sync.
It's a self erecting model with uncoupled rangefinder, double-exposure prevention and a DOF calculator.

Following some shots taken with it:



That reminds me that I have to use it more.

Stay tuned (o;