Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#43 Hanimex 110 FL Tele

This camera was made in the very early 80's commissioned by Hanimex, probably to Haking of Hong-Kong.

Hanimex 110 FL Tele

It's a camera like many of it's time.
It has a sliding lens that transforms the focal distance in a small tele, hence the name of the camera.
The film advance/shutter cocking is "a la" Kodak, by a thumb slider on the camera bottom.
The electronic flash is turned on/off with a small slider and is powered by two AA batteries.
Uses 110 film cartridges, allowing a maximum of 20 13 x 17 mm exposures.

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  1. I had one of these. Searching it on Google is what brought me here. I took some great photos with it in the early 1990, but I must admit it was an unreliable camera. The flash was very weak and the camera evventually died when something inside the shutter button broke. I clicked to take a photo and there was a snap, after which the button wouldn't rise again.