Monday, September 26, 2011

#32 Agfa Isolette II

I'm a sucker for Isolettes.

This been said let's talk about the Isolette II.

Isolette II

When I found this beauty, on the *Bay, I was already the proud owner of an Isolette 4,5 and of an Isolette III.

At this point I decided to have in my collection one example of each model, which I latter found it was an Herculean task, there are so many variations of each model, not counting the mix-match of shutters and lenses performed by camera repairman, that nobody could, until now, give me an exhaustive list of all Isolettes.

So my objective became more reasonable: I still want one representative of each model, not minding about the shutter/lens combination or the different top/bottom plates.

Isolette II

This is a very clean example of an Isolette II.
Manufactured by Agfa around 1950
It's a folding bellows, auto erect camera.
The lens is an Agfa Apotar 4,5/85 on a eight speed Prontor-S shutter, by Gauthier:
1 - 1/300 and B, flash synch and self-timer.
It uses 120 film producing twelve 6 x 6 cm exposures per roll.
The film advance, using the round, knurled knob on the top right of the camera is controlled by a ruby window on the back door, protected by a metal blind.
It prevents double exposure by blocking the shutter release, until the film is advanced.
There is a DOF calculator on the left top knob.
On the back a lever, marked as T, blocks the shutter release, if the B position, on the shutter, is chosen it gives time exposures.

Isolette II

There is no rangefinder or exposure meter but, it has an accessory shoe where I sometimes use a rangefinder and for the exposure assessment an hand-held exposure meter or the sunny 16 rule does the trick.

Isolette II 

Isolette II

I consider a bonus this plaque, on the back door, from the photo-shop that originally sold it:

Wien, V. Margaretenstrasse 72

This camera is a pleasure to use, and as many folding cameras allows me to always carry a medium format on my pocket.

I have taken some pictures with it that I particularly like:

Campanhã - Early in the morning

Me, Isolette II and...

You can find more examples on this Flickr set.

Stay tuned (o;

Friday, September 23, 2011

Camera collection index

The camera collection index is done.

In the top tabs you can find links to several pages:

  • Home - the blog itself
  • Cameras by brand - All the cameras in my collection alphabetically ordered by brand. In this page all the cameras, that have a link, will also display a thumbnail shot.
  • Large and Medium Format - LF and MF cameras in my collection, no thumbnails, only some illustrating examples. 
  • 35mm - ...

You got the picture.

The code colour of the links, is the same in all index pages, as follows:
As I haven't, yet, posted pictures and/or reviews of all of my cameras there are a some of them awaiting for a link, as soon as I post on Flickr or in here I'll update the links.
Also, as the collection is in a constant growth (you can call me crazy, I don't mind) I'll add the new items to the respective lists, as soon as they arrive home.

If you have some comments or suggestions, they'll be welcome.

Stay tuned (o;

Friday, September 16, 2011

My travel companions (Sept. 2011)


When I travel I have to choose my companions carefully. 

In a prolonged holiday, like this one I took, I have to choose them in terms of the kind of pictures that I'm planing to take, some variety of formats and I like to take, at least, one camera that I haven´t used yet.

So this time I've chosen the Nikon F2,  with their best companions, The Nikkors 24/2.8, 50/1.4 and 200/4.


I also brought a set of ND filters and a Vanguard Tourist tripod to take some water blured landscapes, everything tucked inside a small Vanguard backpack.


To complement the landscape taking pictures the landscape queen, the KMZ - Zenit Horizon 202


The one I haven't used yet is the Agfa Record III


This one decided to be uncooperative.

First I found out that it hadn't a take-up spool. this problem was easily solved, I had several 120 films and, in a dark bathroom, I removed the spool from one of them, shielding the unspooled film in a light tight canister.

When I loaded it and was about to use it, for the first time, I found that the focus ring was loose. 
As I hadn't with me the necessary tools to perform the adjustment it's début was postponed )0:

Last year I had some trouble with a Fuji HD-R, who drowned. A bit out of topic I can tell you that in August, I was making a round to my collection, decided to put on a set of batteries and voilà it was working.
I loaded it with film, I can't tell that it works flawlessly but, the light meter is on the spot, the shutter sometimes fires sometimes doesn't, all the rest is mechanical and poses no questions, so when it fires the pictures are fine.

As soon as I have results from these companions of mine, you, my faithful readers, will be the first to know about them.

Stay tuned (o;

Monday, September 5, 2011

New pages - Collection index

As my collection is getting quite large, with examples of all kinds and formats, I decided to create some index pages to let you find easily what you are looking for.

The links will take you to posts on my blog. If there isn't yet a post about a particular camera and I have it posted on Flickr the link will take you there.

This is a work in progress, as I have the oportunity I will add more cameras and links, so I invite you to visit the pages regularly to keep track of the changes.

For now I have two tabs Medium format and 35 mm.
The information is arranged by type of camera and brand.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Stay tuned (o;