Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#50 Agfa Agfamatic 100 Sensor

Agfa Agfamatic 100 Sensor (1)

Agfa Agfamatic 100 Sensor                                  Este post em português
Agfa Colorstar lens 42,1 mm f11, fixed aperture and focus
Parator shutter, rotating metal blades, armed with the film advance, 1/40, 1/80 sec.
Number maximum of exposures on 126 cassette film: 24

Agfa Agfamatic 100 Sensor (2)

Made in Germany around 1971.
It uses the same shell of the 50 and 55C, the main difference is the possibility of choosing the shutter speed, by turning the ring, around the lens shutter assembly, to one of two positions, marked with meteorological signs: sunshine 1/80 sec and cloudy 1/40 sec.
The sensor refers to the shutter release button, that big orange invention of Agfa, that with its smoothness prevented, in some degree, camera shake.
It is also equipped with a Magicube flash adaptor, if the lamp, in firing position, is already burned a indicator is displayed in the viewfinder.

I bought this one at a flea-market. I can't speak for its quality or usability because I haven't used it.

Stay tuned (o;