Friday, February 4, 2011

Welta Weltax

Welta Weltax

The Welta Weltax is a medium format folder, a self-erecting double format 6x6 or 6x4,5 cm exposures on 120 film.

Welta Weltax

This is the post-war model made after 1947.
The pre-war model, 1938, it's easily distinguishable by the advance knob in the opposite side of the camera.

Welta Weltax

It sports a Meyer-Optik Trioplan 7,5 cm 1:3,5 lens on a Junior three speed shutter: 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and B.

There are other variants with other lenses like the Victar, Meritar or Tessar in shutters like the Stelo, Prontor-S, Compur, Compur-Rapid and Tempor.

Welta Weltax


It was made, after 1947, by VEB Welta-Kamera-Werke.
The company was founded in 1914 as Weeka Kamera-Werke, the name Welta was the one used in most of their plate cameras and they changed the name to Welta-Kamera-Werke G.m.b.H., after the war it became VEB Welta-Kamera-Werke it was one of the seeds of VEB Pentacon.

I bought this one at an antiques fair. I liked it's looks, good built and nice materials.
Also because I had already another Welta, the Perfekta, that is a great camera.

It's raining at the Marina by RaúlM.

A shot taken with it in Adox CHM 125, processed in Kodak HC-110, Dil. H 12'@20º, scanned in an Epson V750 Pro.

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  1. Mais uma preciosidade, grande Raúl... já tinha saudades de me passear em detalhe por mais de/da tua colecção!...
    Cada vez que leio um artigo apetece-me logo ir comprar uma igual...

  2. hi, i just picked this camera up for my son. is it possible to get film for it and what fim does it use.

    thanks for all your help

    my email is

  3. The film for these cameras is readily available at a good photo shop, not in a drugstore, it's the 120 type

  4. I just found a Welta Weltax camera today in some of my dads old 'stuff'. It seems to be in great shape and actually had a roll of film still in it. Wondering if that would still develop?? Also, where can i get a manual for this camera. Looks like it has a Tessar lens.writing is kind of small. There is a number on the rim of inside of the lens 396502 it look like.?? I would love to try this out. Recommendations for getting it cleaned up and make sure its in working order?? My email is Would love to hear from someone who can give me some pointers. Never used this type of camera. I'm assuming it's only black and white. I would love to know when it was made. There is a knob on the top right of the camera that if you turn it advances the film. Its just to thr right of the viewfinder. The viewfinder changes from 6.6 to 4.5 x 6. Can somebody help me find a manual and answer my other question please? Thanks

  5. I purchased a Weltax Welta camera in about 1950. I used it while taking photo classes in High School. It can use booth 120 and 620 film. The 620 did role better, but it did have a tight curl to fight when processing. I sold this camera to the Cache Valley Utah Sherrifs office in 1959.