Thursday, January 12, 2012

#44 Kodak Ektralite 400

Kodak Ektralite 400 (1)
Kodak Ektralite 400
Reomar lens 24 mm 1:6.8
Fixed focus 1,20 m - infinity
Three speed shutter: 1/60, 1/125 and 1/250
Built-in electronic flash
110 cassette film
Made in Germany

The Ektralite series were introduced concurrently with the Ektra series. They are in fact the same cameras with a built in flash.

Kodak Ektralite 400 (2)

The slider with the sun and the lightning, turns the flash on/off.
Flash on f6.8 @ 1/60"
Flash off f9.5 @ 1/250, using Kodacolor 400 film, or f9.5 @ 1/125", using Kodacolor II

Kodak Ektralite 400 (3)

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  1. As 110 cameras go, the Ektralites were pretty good. I was just reading on the Film Photography Project blog today that they have fresh 110 in stock in their store.

  2. My first camera, so what a great shame to read BBC News: 'Kodak files for bankruptcy protection' (, UK.

  3. is now producing and selling 110 film.
    I own the same camera, I will try to make some work.
    regards, Giampaolo