Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Tools and Ingredients of the Magic Caffenol

The Tools and Ingredients of the Magic Caffenol  © Dirk HR Spennemann 2009, All Rights Reserved

Yes, I know this blog is about classic cameras but, as you already know, I like to use them.
I also like to do some experimentation.

I have a very dear friend, down under, Dirk aka Heritagefutures, who is a keen experimentalist. I especially admire is TTV work and the Caffenol-C processing that he have been perfecting.
You can see his set in Flickr it's great.
He also, graciously, granted me permission to use his photos and research in this post.

As you, for sure, have already guessed I had my first successful experiment with Caffenol-C.

I followed Dirk directions:

Standard receipe, taken from various sources on the net.
Instant Coffee (not decaf)
Washing Soda (Sodium carbonate)
Ascorbic Acid Powder (Vitamin C)
Dishwashing liquid
12oz water
5 teaspoons Instant Coffee
3 1/2 teaspoons washing soda
1/2 teaspoon ascorbic acid
Premix solutions can be set up. But do not premix the whole developer as it a short shelf-life (less than 1 hour). For ease, create premix solutions of required strength for each of three developer ingredients so that in the end all that needs to be done is to mix equal amounts of each of the three premixes
Strength for premixes:
Instant Coffee: 10 teaspoons / 12 oz
Washing Soda: 7 teaspoons / 12 oz
Ascorbic acid:1 teaspoons / 12 oz
when ready to develop, mix required quantity in three even parts.
Small Patterson Tank
120mm roll film requires 550 ml (20 oz)--ie 3 x 7 oz for the development of a roll of 120 film (which gives 21 oz, but makes life easier).
SET UP for 120 roll:
Premix 21 oz developer
Premix 20 oz fixer
Premix 20 oz final wash (with one drop of dishwashing liquid)
Developing 12 mins (work with this, later films all use 15-16mins)
Continuous agitation first minute
thereafter agitate 3 x / minute
3 rinse baths @ 6 x agitation each (first bath can contain some vinegar to act as stop bath)
5 mins @ 3 agitation /minute
Final Rinse
Fill, agitate 3x
Refill, agitate 6x
Refill, agitate 12x
Refill with soapy water, agitate slowly 24x

The above directions are the original ones from Dirk.
I only translated it into metrical:

Strength for premixes:
Instant Coffee: 50ml / water: 350ml
Sodium carbonate: 35ml / water: 350ml
Ascorbic acid: 5ml / Water: 350ml

Magic Coffee...enough Ingredients to develop ten rolls of 120 film..

Magic Coffee...enough Ingredients to develop ten rolls of 120 film.. © Dirk HR Spennemann 2009, All Rights Reserved

As I processed a 35mm film in a small Paterson tank, I needed 290ml of solution, to simplify I made 300ml, 100ml of each of the premixed solutions.

The film I processed was a Kodak Portra 160, Expired 2002-05 and these are some of the results:

201010 ExaktaVarexIIa Portra 160 - 029

201010 ExaktaVarexIIa Portra 160 - 13

201010 ExaktaVarexIIa Portra 160 - 04


Don't forget to visit Dirk's set. I leave here some of his shots to tease you:

Holden EK, Rose Street, Collingwood

Sitka Falcon

Soaring Heavenwards Italianate Style

Stay tuned (o;