Saturday, January 8, 2011

My cameras on display

Finally most of my cameras came out of the closet (0;
I was inspired by Jamie.
I went to Ikea to buy some rechargeable batteries and came out with the batteries, a pair of Billy bookcases with the matching glass doors and the top lights.
With the help of my wife... TA-DA!

My collection on display
View from left
My collection on display
View from right

Not so TA-DA, it took us an entire afternoon to assemble it.
And I had to go back, to buy some extra glass racks and those nice led lights, that took a couple of hours to install.
Then it came the difficult part, find all the cameras and decide how to display them.

In short I've been having a good time...but, I think I need at least another Billy (o;
I still have a good deal of cameras that deserve this kind of exposure.

This are some of my treasures:


My father's camera (Halina 35x Super), the camera that my grandparents took to their honeymoon (Ica Minimum Palmos), my first camera (Ferrania 1014) and so on.


On the top rack, my TLR cameras and some oddballs.
On the lower one my father-in-law Canon P two Leicas, a Contaflex with accessories and a Contarex.

In my mind this is Hans territory:

Agfa Isolettes

Folders Galore

Nikon has its place:


and so does Canon:


But, I have to be very careful:

Red Army

The Red army is lurking in the dark (o;

I will came back to this when I complete it with another Billy bookcase.

Stay tuned (o;


  1. Fantástico... de fazer envergonhar o CPF ;)

  2. Congratulations for your collection! I can imagine how many hours do you spend every day in eBay ;)

  3. Very nice my day I wll do the same..
    What I don't like about the Billy s that they are not dust proof....
    I need to have another look at them, but I am trying to work out if I can 'pressurise' them with a gentle fan, thus pushing air out (and thus not letting dust in.

  4. Nice! Are the shelves strong enough? Don't they sag?

  5. Bom...

    Notável, que bela colecção...

    Alguma Yashica GSN 35 para comparar com a minha ou é só material mais distinto? :-)

    (A minha está com-ple-ta-men-te nova...) Infelizmente, o preço a que estão as revelações e a perguiça que o digital incute impedem-me de a usar mais...


  6. Um museu de preciosidades, Raúl... maravilha... sei exactamente o que sentes... fabulosa colecção!!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous Raul! Looks like a museum ;-) I need to do something like that with mine. Have a new hutch coming shortly, so at least I'll be able to display more than I am right now.

  8. @ Sérgio Moura:
    Obrigado, Sérgio.

    @ Hugo:
    Thank you, Hugo. You are right, too many

    @ ausphoto:
    Yes, Dirk, these glass doors are not dust proof at all but I managed to insulate them almost completely with that rubber foam used on windows, I'll show you soon.

    @ Ranger Bob:
    The shelves are quite sturdy.

    @ Grouxomarx:
    Tenho uma GTN, uma MG-1 e duas Minister. Estão noutra vitrine que ainda não vos mostrei.

    @ Raul PC:
    Obrigado, Raúl.

    @ Kathy Hunt:
    Thank you, Kathy.
    So let's see your hutch when you get your precious ones in there.

  9. the 4th image where it displays your TLR cameras and some oddballs, I saw one mini gold camera. Is it a real camera or just a model?

  10. I am making the collections you have as an inspiration to build mine. I am a beginner on this. Hope I will be able to catch-up soon.

  11. @ CheMat:
    The mini camera it's a model, not a real camera and the two small SLR like behind it are cigarette lighters.

  12. My god, man! What a collection!