Saturday, May 14, 2011

#2 Nikon F-301

I bought this one in 1989.

Nikon F-301

I went on a business trip to Düsseldorf, having a plane change, on the way back, at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. 
Its duty free was the Mecca of all the photo and electronics buyers, at the time. 

There I bought two Nikon F-301 kits, with the pancake 50mm 1:1.8 Nikkor lens. One for me and the other for my friend Berto Pinto.

Nikon F-301

Even being duty free material I could have problems with the discretionary customs authorities, so I went to the bathroom, got rid of the boxes, hanged one of them from my neck and squeezed the other one into my hard plastic Samsonite briefcase.

All done I had some time to spare. 
I was seating in the airport lounge when I recalled that I had a few Dutch coins in my briefcase. 
When I tried to open it one of the latches wouldn't budge. So I used the best technique to repair anything:

kick it hard!

With no avail and some neck turning around me. I gave up and spent my trip to Porto thinking of what to do if the customs officials asked me to open it.

Arrived at Porto I passed through the "Nothing to declare" section and only stopped at home, where the latch opened, with the slightest of the pressures.

Nikon F-301

Nikon F-301

I completed the kit with a Nikkor-H 28mm 1:3.5, that my brother-in-law John Roberts brought me from Vancouver, and a Sigma zoom 70-210 1:4-5.6.

Camera features:

Integral-motor 35mm SLR
Nikon bayonet mount
Shutter speeds electronically controlled from 1-1/2000 sec, stepless in all modes except M
Exposure modes: Aperture priority AE, manual and two program modes (High Speed and Normal Program)
Built-in power winding, 2.5 fps in continuous mode (C)
Auto-loading with DX film recognition 
Manual film rewind
Electronic controlled self-timer 10 sec. delay
Power: 4 AAA cells  or 4 AA with optional adapter

Some pictures taken with it:

Next Starship leaves in...


Vanishing point

Vandoma Flea Market

More pictures on this Flickr set

Stay tuned (o;


  1. i have just bought a nikon f-301 on ebay it cost me £45 the lens is a tokina 1:3.5-4.5 28-70mm mini zoom with macro..just getting used to it..i like it its heavy and clunky....

  2. This may go in twice.....Just bought a beautiful Nikon 301 from the local charity shop for £1.......(Yes. one british pound...Just needed batteries, and a lens clean......Must be the "buy of the year "......James

  3. I think I paid £40 for my 301 only drawback is that it has a tokina lens rather than original nikon
    Are tokina lenses nikon approved?