Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My father's camera

Halina 35X Super, originally uploaded by RaúlM..
This is an Halina 35X Super.
It's a very simple viewfinder camera, made in Hong-Kong, c.1960.
The lens is an Anastigmat 45mm, 1:3,5
The shutter is of the leaf type with speeds ranging from 1/25-1/200 and B.
Everything manual, my father had a Gossen light meter, to establish the exposure and used to guestimate the distance.
He made great shots with this camera and taught me how to take pictures with it, how to use a light meter and the shutter speed/diaphragm play to get the correct exposure.
This was also the first 35mm camera I used.

I cherish this camera for all the great moments it recorded.