Monday, August 19, 2013

#52 Nikon AF240SV

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Nikon AF240S V

Nikon AF240SV a.k.a. Fun-touch 5

A wide-angle (28 mm)  point and shoot by Nikon, dressed in champagne colour.
the best feature in this camera is what Nikon called the super viewfinder, in fact, it's quite big and bright

Nikon AF240S V

Nikon AF240S V (1999)
28mm 1:5.6
Flash modes: Red-eye reduction (auto), off and fill
Motorised film advance and rewind, with mid-roll rewind provision
35 mm film DX coded

Some pictures taken with it, by my son Raúl João, on a photowalk we made on 19 April 2009:

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