Thursday, November 10, 2011

#38 Regula Super Automatic

King Regula Super Automatic
I found this beauty in a flea market a few years ago.
A Regula Super automatic.
The only cameras I knew from Regula were all those cheap and omnipresent Sprinty.
This one is in a completely different league. 

King Regula Super automatic (2)

It's a rangefinder, with interchangeable lens, in a bayonet mount, coupled selenium  light meter, selectable bright marks, in the viewfinder, for 50, 90 and 135 mm lens and, above all, a very smart look.

King Regula Super automatic (5)

I only regret not having found yet another lens for it but, I haven't given up.

King Regula Super automatic (3)

This was manufactured by Regula-Werk King KG at Bad Libenzell, former West Germany.
The lens is a Isco-Gottingen Regula-Color-Westanar 1:2.8/50, in a Gauthier (AGC) Prontor SLK shutter, with a range from one second to 1/300 plus B and self timer.
The bright viewfinder not only accommodates the rangefinder it also performs parallax correction.
The accessory shoe is of the cold type. There's a flash sync contact on the front, selectable, on the shutter, for X or M sync.
Dimensions: 135 x 90 x 76 mm
Weight: 645 g

King Regula Super automatic (4)

It's an enjoyable, usable camera, although the light meter on this example is dead.

Following, some shots taken with it:

Miragaia - King (2)

Miragaia - King (3)

Miragaia - King (9)

Miragaia - King (10)

Miragaia - King (7)

Stay tuned (o;


  1. hello.. I´m Cony, from south Brazil, and I am searching for this kind of camera fixing. I´ve got a Regula Sprinty C and I´d like it to work. can you Help me?

    1. The Regula Sprinty is a very simple camera.
      What are exactly your difficulties in operating it?