Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#29 Halina 35X Super

Halina 35X Super

This Halina 35X Super was my father's camera for as long as I can remember.
It's a very simple viewfinder camera, made in Hong-Kong, by Haking, c.1960, it's marked "Empire Made".
The lens is an Anastigmat 45mm, 1:3,5
The shutter is a four speed leaf type: 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 and B.
Combined shutter cocking with film advance; exposure counter on a wheel on top of the advance lever.
Flash pc synch on the side of the lens/shutter barrel.
No rangefinder, light meter or any other help, everything manual.
It takes 24 x 36 mm pictures on 35 mm film.

Halina 35X Super (2)

My father had a Gossen Sixon light meter, to establish the exposure and used to guestimate the distance.
He made great shots with this camera and taught me how to take pictures with it, how to use a light meter and the shutter speed/diaphragm play to get the correct exposure.
This was also the first 35mm camera I used.

Halina 35X Super

I cherish this camera for all the great moments it recorded.

My father's photographic outfit

In the picture above you can see the outfit that my father always carried along to parties,trips, holidays, everywhere he anticipated deserving to be recorded in a picture.

The following shots were taken by me, with it, in my teen years:

Jacob Maersk

Halina35XSuper Fujichrome - 007

Halina35XSuper Fujichrome - 005

Halina35XSuper Fujichrome - 004

1982 Rally Portugal Halina 35X Super - 004

XIV Rally de Portugal Vinho do Porto 1979

19820810 VNCerveira Halina 35X Super - 007

19820813 VPAncora Halina 35X Super - 006

My father still uses a twin of this one.

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