Wednesday, October 19, 2011

# 35 Agfa Isolette V

Isolette V
As I told you before: I'm a sucker for Isolettes.

This time I'm going to introduce you to my Isolette V.

Isolette V

This one like some other cameras in my collection came from the *Bay.
At the time this one arrived home I had already three sisters of hers: 

This is a very nice example of an Isolette V.
Manufactured by Agfa Cameraverk München, around 1950
It's a folding bellows, auto erect camera.
The lens is an Agfa Agnar 4,5/85 on a three speed Vario shutter, by Gauthier (AGC):
1/25, 1/75, 1/200 sec. and B, with  flash synch.
It uses 120 film producing twelve 6 x 6 cm exposures per roll.
The film advance, using the round, knurled knob on the top left of the camera is controlled by a ruby window on the back door.
On the right strut, a button, marked as T, if pulled up, in the arrow direction, blocks the shutter release, and,  if the B position on the shutter is chosen, it gives time exposures. 
The shutter release is that chromed tab by the shutter barrel, above the T button

Isolette V
and not, as we might expect, the button on the top plate, that's the front door release.

Isolette V

Like in the other basic models there is no rangefinder or exposure meter but, it has an accessory shoe where I sometimes use a rangefinder and for the exposure assessment an hand-held exposure meter or the sunny 16 rule does the trick.

Isolette V

Some pictures taken with it:

Me Isolette V & Lara

On the above picture I'm using a combination rangefinder/light-meter branded Repometer

Reaching the sky

I liked it

Stay tuned (o;


  1. Hey RaúlM.!
    Today I found an Agfa Isoltte V (i think it is a V) in an old board of my grandparents. The camera is in a very good shape and maybe you could give me a hand to indentify exactly which model it is. If i you are interested I can send you some pictures!

    Thank you!

  2. Y.M.:
    You can send me the pictures to: