Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#33 Ilford Sportsman

Ilford Sportsman

This is one of many cameras made in this period with very similar specifications.
The Sportsman line started in mid 1950's and continued for some ten years.
During this time there where four models, this is the third.
The brand is English but the maker was German, Dacora.
You can see it written in the lens and, if you put them side by side, you can see that it's a Dignette in disguise.

Ilford Sportsman

Ilford Sportsman

Lens: Dacora dignar 1:2.8/45mm

Shutter: Gauthier, four speed Pronto,1/30 - 1/250, flash sync and self timer

Exposure counter, accessory shoe and  film reminder on the top plate

Shutter release on the lensboard

Recessed film advance lever/shutter cocker.

Film rewind by knurled knob

Production year: 1959

24 x36 mm exposures on 35mm film

Ilford Sportsman

I found this fine example, some two years ago, at a local flea market.

Ilford Sportsman

It's a very simple camera, very easy to operate, using the sunny 16 rule, or a hand-held light meter.
You also have to guesstimate the distance or use an external rangefinder on the accessory shoe.
What I like best about it is it's vintage look.

Some shots taken with it:
Miragaia 4
Miragaia by RaúlM.

Rust and Nature
Rust and Nature by RaúlM.
Let them bite
Let them bite by RaúlM.

A Flickr set with some more pictures taken with it.

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  1. I have the first 1957 version and I'm addicted to using it. It was broken at my Grandad's house with a gummed up shutter, but now is capable of taking some great shots... as you've proven here!