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#3 Fuji DL-400 Tele Super Date

Fuji DL 400 Tele Super Date (2)
I bought this camera in 1990 or 1991 to give to my wife.

She gave it back to me when I started collecting cameras.

Almost unused, contrary to me the only interest she has in photography is about the final results.
Cameras, gadgets, processing,..., don't interest her at all.

Fuji DL 400 Tele Super Date

Fuji DL 400 Tele Super Date (4)

Fuji DL 400 Tele Super Date (3)

At the time that this camera was launched I was working for Fuji.

These were the pre-zoom compact, auto everything cameras.

In place of a zoom lens was very common the use of double-focal lenses, in this case 35 and 80 mm.

Two interesting features were the drop-in loading and pre-winding of the film making the film loading foolproof, you just had to drop the cartridge through the small opening on the back, close it and the camera winded the film to the last shot and as you progressed, in the shooting session, the exposed film was winded into the cartridge avoiding the loss of any picture, in case the back was inadvertently opened.

The date back was another useful feature.

There's not much more to say about it.

Like many of this kind easy to use and easy to forget.

Some pictures taken with it:



from the instructions manual

  • Film: 135 DX roll film.  
  • Picture Size: 24X36mm.  
  • Lens: Fujinon Bifocal Lens, motorized tele/wide  
  • Switch over: Wide-angle (normal): f=35mm, 1:3.5, 3 components, 3 elements. Telephoto (2X) : f = 80 mm, 1: 6.7,  6 components, 7 elements.  
  • Viewfinder: Albada (bright frame), parallax correction marks, 0.4X magnification (wide-angle), 0.72X magnification (telephoto), 82 % field of view; automatic viewfinder switch over for wide-angle, telephoto and close range shooting; auto-focus lamp (green lamp next to viewfinder eyepiece).  
  • Focusing: Active type auto-focus, auto-focus memory, 0.8 m~ x (wide-angle), 0.5 m~= (telephoto), automatic close-range shooting, auto-focus lamp (turns on when focusing is completed), lamp blinks and audible electronic signal alerts you when the camera is too close to the subject, landscape button (lens to long distance).  
  • Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter. (~/,0 ~1/250 sec.)  
  • Exposure Control: Automatic, EV 7~16 (wide-angle) and EV 8.9~17.9 (telephoto) coupling ranges with ISO100 film.  
  • Film Speed Setting: Automatic with ISO 50—1600 DX films. 
  • Film Loading: Drop-in (automatic threading). Film advance Automatic (motorized), film pre-wind system, rewinding unnecessary, provision for mid-roll rewinding.  
  • Liquid Crystal Display: LCD shows exposure counter (number of exposures left), cartridge loaded mark, film loaded/film advance mark, self-timer mark, flash charging signal, flash off mark, battery checker, flash ready mark.  
  • Built-In Flash: Flash automatically fires in dim light; flash lamp head automatically pops up when lens is switched to telephoto, automatic light-distribution switch over for wide-angle and telephoto.  Flash Range  
         Wide-angle ISO 100 :0.8 - 4 m
                           ISO 400 : 0.8 - 8 m
                           ISO 1600: 0.8 - 10 m
         Telephoto ISO 100 : 0.5 - 3 m
                          ISO 400 : 0.5 - 6 m
                          ISO 1600: 0.5 -12m
Electronically controlled flashmatic operation, green warning lamp blinks when subject is too far for shooting with flash, about 3 sec. recycle time.
  • Self-timer: Electronically controlled. about 10 sec. interval, can be stopped in mid-run, provided with Self-timer "on" indicator lamp.  
  • Battery: Lithium battery pack (Panasonic CR-P2P 6V, BRP2DP 6V, National BR-P2N 6V, or Duracell DL 223A 6V) provides power for exposing about 1000 frames if half of that number is taken with flash.  
  • Others: Built-in lens cover (lens cover also serves as shutter safety lock), tripod socket.  
  • Dimensions & Weight: 139.5x73.5x55.5mm, 323g
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  1. thanks! just picked one up at a thrift store and needed to know what battery to use! thanks x

  2. Is this camera worth anything ? Is it collectable ?