Monday, June 27, 2011

#22 Yashica 44A

Yashica 44A - Restos de ponte

I was so amazed with the results from this little TLR that I wanted to start this review by showing you what it is capable of.

This is probably one of my favourite shots and it was my first picture to reach Explore, on Flickr.

I was already in love with my Yashica Mat-124 and the 127 film format when I found this beauty that matched both.

Yashica 44A

It's a jewel, "a la Rollei baby"!

  • Yashicor 60 mm 1:3.5 lens both for viewing and taking
  • Taking lens, closing to 22
  • Four speed Copal central shutter; 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/300 and B, electronic flash synch at all shutter speeds. Cocked manually. 
  • 4 x 4 cm exposures on 127 film
  • Film advance by rotating knob and controlled by ruby window on the back
  • Made in Japan by Yashica from 1960
I was born in '61 and I like to think that "she" was made in the same year.

Yashica 44A (4)  Yashica 44A (3)

Yashica 44A (2)        Yashica 44A (5)        Yashica 44A (6)

It's a pleasure to use it, if you like street shooting you have guaranteed smiling faces every time.

It's working flawlessly. 
The only fault that it had was the case, the stitching was rotten:

Re-stitching 2 - Yashica 44A Case Before

So I had to re-stitch it and that's what I did, following a great tutorial that I found on the web. 

Re-stitching 4 - Yashica 44A Case step 1         Re-stitching 8 - Yashica 44A Case step 5 Done

Using this double needle technique, the final result was this:

Yashica 44A

After this experience I've re-stitched, total or partially, over a dozen camera cases.

I started this review by the end, by showing what it is capable of, so let me show you same more examples:

Yashica 44A - Ponte

Yashica 44A - RJ na Bota

also in colour, using re-spooled 35 mm Fujichrome Velvia:

Yashica 44A

Justiciae - Yashica 44A

Strange Bike -Yashica 44A

Stay tuned (o;


  1. Preciosidade, Raúl... linda!
    Também sou de 60, por isso somos todos, e a tua máquina, da mesma geração!

  2. @Raul PC:
    Só podia ser.

  3. bellísima Raul, una magnifica cámara y maravillosas imágenes