Sunday, June 5, 2011

#17 Nikon FE

Nikon FE

When I started collecting cameras I was "Nikonless", except for the Nikonos, so I decided I had to do something about it: evilBay there I went.

Nikon FE

I found in there this gorgeous Nikon FE and about the same time I bought the legendary Nikkor-N 24/2.8, that she is wearing.

This camera was built from 1978 onwards, this was one of those iconic cameras that I always wanted to own.

The Nikon FE is a 35 mm single reflex camera with TTL centre weighted metering, automatic exposure with aperture priority and step-less shutter speeds from 1/1000 to 8 seconds, regulated by an electronic shutter.
In manual mode only the marked speeds are available.
There is a mechanical shutter speed M90 (1/90), just in case the batteries drain out.

It is ready to use the ridged AI lenses but the coupler may be raised to use the old, non AI lenses, built since 1959, in step-down metering mode.

There is a lever to close the diaphragm to the chosen aperture to preview the depth of field.

It allows multi-exposures using the dedicated small lever, by the advance lever.

The hot shoe and front pc flash connection allow the synchronization of electronic flashes up to 1/125.

To turn the light meter on the film advance lever must be taken from it's rest position to a 30º angle.

The self-timer lever doubles it's function, if it is pushed toward the lens, as auto exposure lock.
Just push it recompose your shot and release the shutter.

This is what we see in the viewfinder, in auto mode, on the left the green needle is pointing to A and the black one displays the shutter speed selected by the metering system, in function of the chosen aperture, displayed on the top.

In manual mode the green needle displays the selected shutter speed and the needles must match to obtain the correct exposure.

Nikon FE

I lent it to my god-daughter Joana so she could take a photography course with a "real" camera.

I have some nice pictures, at least to my eyes, taken with it:

Chrome & Bokeh


Nature tacking it's course

More in this Flickr album

Stay tuned (o;


  1. Beautiful. I have no nikons and was thinking of a f-2 or fm-2 but they are too pricey for me ATM.. I'll wait and see

  2. @Woosang:
    Great cameras, if you have the chance to grab one of those you won't regret.

  3. Great camera, very nice topic!, nice pictures.
    I've also just bought a Nikon FE, and here the Italian topic I published in my blog:

    Best regards,