Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me and Nikonos V

Me With Nikonos
Me and Nikonos V by my daughter Beatriz

I've been snorkelling and spear-fishing, since I was a kid.
In 1994 I took my SCUBA diving course (CMAS P2). I can't forget it, I was taking the written exam, when my son was born. At the time there were no cell phones, my sister-in-law paged me.

For a long time I decided not to mix my hobbies.
I had the mistaken notion that if I was taking pictures I wouldn't enjoy the dive, being too much involved in the photo activity.

In 2004 I decided to buy a Nikonos. €Bay here I went.
Bought a Nikonos II, a sad story for another day. Then I found a beautiful Nikonos V and grabed it.

Nikonos V - 35mm Nikkor
Nikonos V by RaúlM.

The Nikonos V is an electronically controlled 35mm amphibious camera.
The body is of a metal alloy, covered with rubber in the most exposed areas and sealed with o-rings in all the strategic places.
The TTL light meter controls the shutter in aperture priority mode, or gives information in manual mode. With a dedicated flash i.e. SB-105 it performs flash TTL control.
The focal plane shutter is stepless 1/30 - 1/1000s in aperture priority, quartz controlled 1/30- 1/1000 in manual mode, m90 the mechanical 1/90 speed shutter, even without batteries and B.
It uses regular 35mm film with ISO settings 25 to 1600.
It as a series of interchangeable lenses using the Nikonos mount, from Nikon and third party manufacturers.
The integrated viewfinder is dedicated to the "normal" lens, the 35mm 1:2.8
There are external viewfinders to all the other lens and also a sports finder for the 35mm.
It's a big girl 145 x 100 x 60mm and weights 700g.

Nikonos V - 35mm Nikkor Nikonos V - 35mm Nikkor
Nikonos V - 35mm Nikkor Sports viewfinder
Nikonos V by RaúlM.

But with the camera alone you can't do much.

So I bought, the extension tubes, for macro.

Nikonos V - Macro tube Nikonos V - Macro tube
Nikonos V - Macro tubes
Nikonos V with extension tubes by RaúlM.

Later a Nikkor-UW 28mm 1:3.5 and a SB-105 flash.

After some digging on the €bay I got a nice Sea & Sea 15mm 1:3.5, that widened my horizons a lot.

Nikonos V - 15mm Sea & Sea
NikonosV and Sea & Sea 15mm 1:3.5 by RaúlM.

Nikonos V - Complete Set
Nikonos V gear by RaúlM.

This kit allowed me to take the following shots:

Cueva del Delfin (Sargos)
Cueva del Delfin by RaúlM.

Decompression stop by RaúlM.

Nikonos - Begur - Furió Fitó
I love bubbles by RaúlM.

Bégur Furio Fitó
I believe I can fly by RaúlM.

Gliding by RaúlM.

Stay tuned (o;


  1. I just acquired a Nikonos V. Got a good deal in a pawn shop. Now it looks like the spending will begin. Need stuff to go with the new camera!

    I LOVED your photos. I hope to be able to do as well soon...