Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Good light" retirement home for senior photo gear

I have many good friends and family, that knowing of my passion for photo gear, have contributed to my collection, giving me equipment that they didn't use any more.

So I created a set on Flickr, "Good light" retirement home for senior photo gear, where I group the photos of all these contributions.

Sometimes these contributions come in a form of, very welcome, birthday or Xmas present.

That group and this article are a way of thanking all of those who contributed to my collection with such wonderful gifts:

My late friend Vitor Martins:

Canon A-1 Set Kodak Vigilant Junior six 20 (2) Vredeborch Vrede Box

My wife:
Canon P (Populaire) Fuji DL 400 Tele Super Date Kodak Ektra 12 Yashica 635 (1) Ensign Ranger Agfa Karat 6,3 Art Deco On my playgroundArgus C-44 Kit

My parents:

Vest Pocket Kodak  (3) Ica Minimum Palmos Kodak Tele-Ektra 32Halina 35X Super Kiev-4 Praktica Super TL

My uncle, Jorge Sá Dantas:

Rolley A110 Nikon F601 Nikon Nuvis 75 Nikon F90X

My uncle Silvino Magalhães:

Fujica Single-8 AX100 (3)

My brothers-in-law Mário Gamelas, Agostinho Martins and António Vega:

Yashica 8-EIII Nikon TWZoom Last Christmas present    Zenit 12XP    Argus 127 (2)

My cousin Abílio Sá Dantas:

Christmas presents keep coming Zenit EM Chrome Version Welta Perfekta

My niece Raquel Sampaio:

Pentax ME super

And at last but not the least, my friends:

Nuno Coelho, Pedro Barreira, Hugo Cardoso, Juan Felipe Gómez:

Last Saturday collect    Thank you Hugo    Olympus Pen F

and Mário Azevedo:

Nikon F-301 Olympus mju Zoom Wide 80 (5) Mini Camera

I thank you all.

I hope I haven't forgot anyone.

The "Good light" retirement home for senior photo gear is always open, ready to received and provide shelter to any obsolete photo gear.
You know were to find it.

Stay tuned (o;

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