Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I got 127 film for the VPK and how I fell for that format

Yesterday I told you about the VPK (Vest Pocket Kodak) that my father lent and later gave to me.

Vest Pocket Kodak Autographic

Yes that's the one.

My father had this camera for ages, it was a gift from his godmother and aunt, Rosália.

This model was produced between 1915 and 1926, became known as the soldier camera, as American soldiers of WWI, although prohibited, took their VPK to the trenches.

Today they are highly collectable and there are a lot of variations, what feeds the collectors appetite.

Well I got the camera but the film, that was a different story.
Locally everybody told me that it was impossible, nobody had made that type of film for years.
So I turned to the internet and, after some research, I found that there was a company, Efke, in Croacia, that still made the film, under a license from Dupont.
Next I found an on-line shop, Fotoimpex, in Berlin and ordered my first batch of Efke R100 127 film.

Loading and using the camera were quite simple steps. When the first roll ended I used a Paterson System 4 tank and Ilford LC-29 to process it.
I was amazed with the results of this small and almost centennial camera.

Porto Ribeira

Coruña-Praia Riazor Vest Pocket Kodak - Os meus pais que me deram a câmara
So when other 127 cameras crossed my way I grabbed them.

Like the Purma Special and Super

Purma Special Purma Plus
These two deserve an article for their clever gravity shutter.

or the Argus 127 and the Gevaert Gevalux 144

Argus 127 (2) Gevaert Gevalux 144
beautiful toy cameras.
The Argus was a confirmation gift to my brother-in-law António Vega, who gave it to me when I started collecting cameras.

I can't finish without mentioning the Yashica 44A and the Bencini Comet S

Yashica 44A (3) Bencini Comet S

and one of my favourite cameras, the Gallus Derby-Lux

Gallus Derby-Lux
I can't loose an opportunity to show it off.

I have shot with most of these cameras and I completely fell for the format.

I made some experiences respooling 35mm, colour film to the 127 backing paper with some interesting results

Clérigos - Yashica 44A Yashica 44A
Yashica 44A, Fujichrome Velvia 100 by RaúlM.

Sacadas - Gallus Derby-Lux Waiting for the Summer
Gallus Derby-Lux, Fujichrone 100 by RaúlM.      Kodak Brownie reflex Superia 200 redscale by RaúlM.

Stay tuned (o;

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