Monday, August 16, 2010

Cameras a lasting passion - 2

So it comes 1985 and my first Nikon

Nikon EL2
Nikon EL2 by RaúlM.

Nikon EL2 (1977/78)
This was a Nikkormat EL2 to use AI lenses
Electronic shutter 8" - 1/1000, B and A (aperture priority). This was the first generation of auto-exposure SLR, from Nikon.
Lens Nikkor f=50mm 1:1,8

This is also a replacement. I bought the original, from a friend of mine, with a Nikon Series E, 28mm 1:2.8 lens.
Later I got a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4

Me and Nikon EL2

Two years later it developed a problem in the light meter, so I sold it.

As at the time I was needing to replace my wet suit, diving and spear-fishing is another of my interests, I went back to the Zenit.

Zenit 12XP
Zenit 12XP by RaúlM.

Zenit 12XP
Helios-44M-4 1:2/58mm
Pentacon 1:2.8/29mm
Petri focal doubler
35mm film, SLR, cloth plane focal shutter 1/500 - 1/30 and B.

I sold this one, to my brother-in-law, who gave it back to me as Xmas present in 2008.

The reason to sell it was the buy of this one at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Nikon F-301
Nikon F-301 by RaúlM.

Nikon F-301
Nikkor f=50mm, 1:1,8

To complete the set I bought a Sigma Zoom 70-210mm 1:4-5.6 and I asked my Canadian brother-in-law, John Roberts, a confess Nikonist, to get me a 28mm lens.
He was used to his couple of F2 and brought me a non AI Nikkor-H 28mm 1:3.5, that I had to adapt to my camera, using a piece of a clock spring. It worked O.K.

With the children it was difficult to carry around all that gear, exchange lenses...
So I was talking with my friend Mário and he was telling me that he wanted to get a Nikon, I suggested a trade and he accepted. I gave him my bag and he gave me his, with this inside
Olympus IS2 DLX(3)

Olympus IS2-DLX by RaúlM.

Olympus IS2-DLX aka IS2000
Zoom lens 35-135mm, 1:4,5-5,6

After that, beginning 1998 with a Fuji MX-700, came the digital and I almost abandoned film, until 2008

Stay Tuned (o;


  1. I have just come across two cameras belonging to my late father- in-law, a foreign service officer stationed in SEAsia who purchased them in Japan:
    a Nikon F zoom auto 1:3.5 (43-86mm), unit number 6589999. It has a black leather case. Both the camera and case are in near perfect (as far as I can tell) cosmetic condition. I think the camera has been in storage and unused for close to 20 years. I know nothing about cameras and have not pushed any buttons or played with it in any way.
    a Yashica-44 clopal -SV with case; camera in excellent cosmetic condition; case has some scratches
    I would appreciate any comments regarding interest, value and reliable means of selling. Thank you
    Both cameras have owner's brochure/manual
    I would appreciate comments about these cameras and any estimates of value and best vehicle for selling them. Thank you

  2. @Anonymous:
    IMO, the best way to know how much your cameras may worth is the eBay. Make an advanced search for completed listings of the same cameras and you can see for how much they are selling.
    I also think that eBay is a good place to sell them.
    This site:
    might be of some help too.