Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canon P (Populaire)

Canon P (Populaire)

This camera was originally bought by my father-in-law, in a trip he made to Canada, to visit his daughter, who lived in Vancouver.
When both my wife parents passed away she inherited it and gave it to me.

There was what you see in the picture: The camera, with the Canon lens 50mm, 1:2.8 plus the gorgeous, brown leather case, seen in the next picture.

Canon P (Populaire)

When I started exploring it, I found, with great joy, the guide marks in the viewfinder, not only, for the 50mm lens but, also to the 35 and 100mm.
I found also that there was a dedicated light meter to this camera, that's the reason for the hump in the case.
So I went to €bay and started hunting for those parts.
I quickly found two beautiful Canon Serenar lenses:
A 35mm 1:2.8 and an 100mm 1;4

Canon P (Populaire) Canon P (Populaire)

Much latter I got, using the same source, the light meter, that you can see in the left photo above.

This camera is wonderful. It's one, of the many, Leica clones, using the m39 Leica thread mout (LTM). It presents a metal focal plane shutter, with a range of speeds from 1"-1/1000, plus B and X, to synchronize with electronic flashes.
I find it's design exquisite, whit fantastic attention to the details.
The film advance lever and the rewind crank, by themselves, are masterpieces of design.
Around the shutter release there is a concave ring to help prevent any shaking when it is pressed.
Every detail, in this camera, was carefully crafted in terms form and function. Something amazing in a camera whose target market was the middle range, that's why the Populaire.

Here you can find the complete specifications.

I find it so nice that I can't resist of showing some more aspects of it:

Canon P (Populaire) Canon P Canon P Canon Serenar 100mm

I have many cameras but, this one, is one of my favourites.
Next you can see some of my shots taken with it:

Canon P - Ribeira


Douro morning

Magusto 4.Clube.Portugal

Here you can see the album with all the pictures, taken with it and uploaded to Flickr.

Next: Gallus Derby-Lux

Gallus Derby-Lux

Stay tuned (o:


  1. What a fantastic cam! And some really nice product shots!

  2. Excelente Raul, toda una lección de mecánica fotográfica, que bellas cámaras, tanto la Canon como la Boyer, dos joyas, muy interesante blog, felicitaciones, tambien muy bellas las fotos en BN con la Canon.
    Juan Felipe Gómez

  3. Muchas gracias Juan.
    Me encanta que tu comentario.