Friday, August 13, 2010

A camera for the case

One of the very first cameras of my collection, coming from €bay was the Yashica Mat-124

 Yashica Mat-124 (6)

After I bought it I found, in the same market, a beautiful case, in black leather, like new.
I won the auction.
When  the case arrived, it was beautiful, it smelt almost new.
I piked up the camera to fit it to the case, but it didn't. Although the size was right, the holes were all in the wrong places.

Back to the web, looking for all the TLR Yashicas, I found that the only one with the knobs in the right places was the 635.

I contacted the seller and explained the situation. He was confused and assured me he was in good faith. Asked me to keep the case, it wasn't worth returning, while he was going to find me the right case.
What he did, he found me a well battered light brown case to my Mat-124

Yashica Mat-124
and send it to me only for the P&P price.

As I told him at the time, he was not being my friend, he was feeding my GAS.
Having the case, I had to have the camera for it.

Back to the Bay, I got a 635, announced as in very good condition and with a complete 35mm kit*.

I won the auction. It came from Lahore, Pakistan.

Yashica 635 (1)
*The Yashica 635 operates with 120 or 135 film, if equipped with the kit.

With the case it looks new but it must have photographed a zillion marriages, back home.
The knobs were worn, the corners rubbed, but everything was working.

Yashica 635 (2)Yashica 635 (6)

At a first inspection, I noticed that the sports finder mask for 35mm was missing.
Once again I contacted the seller who promised to get me the missing part.
Time was passing and no news from Lahore.
I decided to test the camera and making a close inspection I discovered a fungi infection on the taking lens.
That's when I contacted the seller again, who offered me a great reduction in the price, which I accepted.
All in all it wasn't a bad deal.

And I got a camera for the case ...

Stay tuned (o;