Monday, August 16, 2010

Cameras a lasting passion - 2

So it comes 1985 and my first Nikon

Nikon EL2
Nikon EL2 by RaúlM.

Nikon EL2 (1977/78)
This was a Nikkormat EL2 to use AI lenses
Electronic shutter 8" - 1/1000, B and A (aperture priority). This was the first generation of auto-exposure SLR, from Nikon.
Lens Nikkor f=50mm 1:1,8

This is also a replacement. I bought the original, from a friend of mine, with a Nikon Series E, 28mm 1:2.8 lens.
Later I got a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4

Me and Nikon EL2

Two years later it developed a problem in the light meter, so I sold it.

As at the time I was needing to replace my wet suit, diving and spear-fishing is another of my interests, I went back to the Zenit.

Zenit 12XP
Zenit 12XP by RaúlM.

Zenit 12XP
Helios-44M-4 1:2/58mm
Pentacon 1:2.8/29mm
Petri focal doubler
35mm film, SLR, cloth plane focal shutter 1/500 - 1/30 and B.

I sold this one, to my brother-in-law, who gave it back to me as Xmas present in 2008.

The reason to sell it was the buy of this one at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Nikon F-301
Nikon F-301 by RaúlM.

Nikon F-301
Nikkor f=50mm, 1:1,8

To complete the set I bought a Sigma Zoom 70-210mm 1:4-5.6 and I asked my Canadian brother-in-law, John Roberts, a confess Nikonist, to get me a 28mm lens.
He was used to his couple of F2 and brought me a non AI Nikkor-H 28mm 1:3.5, that I had to adapt to my camera, using a piece of a clock spring. It worked O.K.

With the children it was difficult to carry around all that gear, exchange lenses...
So I was talking with my friend Mário and he was telling me that he wanted to get a Nikon, I suggested a trade and he accepted. I gave him my bag and he gave me his, with this inside
Olympus IS2 DLX(3)

Olympus IS2-DLX by RaúlM.

Olympus IS2-DLX aka IS2000
Zoom lens 35-135mm, 1:4,5-5,6

After that, beginning 1998 with a Fuji MX-700, came the digital and I almost abandoned film, until 2008

Stay Tuned (o;